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With over three decades providing I.T. solutions to Commercial, Medical, Legal, Education, Federal Agencies, and Prime Contractors.  Our approach involves listening to the client and  understanding their requirements and challenges, then, in close collaboration with the client, technical teams, project managers, and vendors to ensure unbiased, client-centric outcomes that align with their goals.

Being flexible in our model to meet your goals and providing products with long-term reliability are a cornerstone of our Military-Grade rugged I.T. solutions.  This is our commitment to the industries, clients and people we serve.  Your success is our number one focus.

Tempterra provides customizable military-grade rugged I.T. solutions for the Military, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Semiconductor, Automation, Logistics and Transportation sectors.  We are commitment to your success in delivering solutions that maximize your investment long-term with solutions that will operate reliably in the most extreme and challenging environments.  We look forward to your partnership!

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Panther Rugged SSD drives


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