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Designed for reliability in the most extreme conditions

Our Mission

"Empowering Excellence in Extreme Environments: Our mission is to engineer reliable military-grade I.T. solutions that redefine durability and performance. We craft ruggedized products, engineered to endure the harshest conditions – from extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks to dust, moisture, and EMI interferences. Our commitment is to our clients' success; we listen attentively to your unique needs and objectives, forging products that seamlessly align with your mission, ensuring unwavering dependability in the most challenging environments."

Why Us

We offer customizable, extremely reliable, military-grade rugged I.T. solutions where your requirements are exceeded both from a customer service and product quality standpoint.


Proven track record for solutions deployed in extreme environments.

High Quality

Designed specifically for reliability in the harshest conditions.


Count on us for dependable solutions and full transparency.  Clients are our number one priority.

Our Industry Spectrum

Our services extend across a wide array of industries, showcasing our commitment to delivering specialized solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Military &  Defense

Ensuring mission success with advanced technology. Our ruggedized I.T. solutions empower military and defense operations with cutting-edge reliability, security, and adaptability, enabling successful outcomes in even the most demanding scenarios



High Performance Rugged Solutions unleashing mission success through the most reliable cutting edge innovations in the skies. Elevate aerospace endeavors with our robust I.T. solutions designed to withstand the challenges of altitude, extreme conditions, and seamless integrations with intricate systems, fueling progress and safety

Industrial, Construction & Mining

Powering industry in harsh environments. From factories to remote mines, our rugged I.T. solutions drive efficiency and resilience, conquering the harshest conditions to keep industrial operations running smoothly.

Truck Driving by Lake

Transportation & Logistics 

Smooth journeys in any setting. Streamline transportation and logistics with our reliable I.T. solutions that ensure seamless operations, whether on land, sea, or air, and across diverse climates.


Automating excellence, even in adversity. Our rugged I.T. solutions fuel automation systems with unwavering reliability, paving the way for enhanced productivity, precision, and control.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner


Precision in healthcare innovation. Trust our rugged I.T. solutions to provide a robust technological backbone and EMI protections for critical medical operations, ensuring uninterrupted care and data security.

Manufacturing & Semiconductor

Pioneering precision in manufacturing. Our I.T. solutions bolster the manufacturing and semiconductor industries with resilient technology that guarantees precision, efficiency, and continuous advancement


Our Product Solutions

Unlocking Possibilities Across Diverse Industries: Experience our dedicated pursuit of tailored solutions, igniting growth and fostering innovation across a spectrum of sectors.

Solid State Drives (SSD)
Custom PC's, Laptops, and Servers
NAS Storage Solutions
Digital Video Recorders
Hardware Tools

Our Process

Our process commences by comprehensively understanding project and solution requirements. The majority of our solutions are tailored to project specifications, offering extensive customization options for memory, storage, I/O, and compute requirements. Custom form factor machining is available when feasible. Our product solutions are meticulously crafted to meet specifications and incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies, even those not explicitly listed but potentially needed. Depending on project needs, progression can include proof-of-concept development if necessary, or direct transition into production, where we possess high-volume capabilities for wide-scale deployment projects.


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